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MacConnell Research Services was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia in 1982 by its founder Joy MacConnell Peters.  She led the organization until her retirement in 1998.  Upon her retirement she asked Terri (Calcaterra) Clark to return from 3½ years of mall management with a major marketing research organization.  During Terri's time at the major marketing firm she moved the organization that was ranked in the bottom five to one of the top organizations right behind Mall of America.
Terri worked with MacConnell Research from 1986 to 1995 and has worked in the market research industry since 1971.  She has been an active member of the National MRA for many years.
Terri is assisted by a talented staff of market research professionals, several of the team having been with the firm for the entire time Terri has led the company.  Her husband, David, is the firm’s business manager, and oversees the financial affairs of the organization. Jeff Frazier has had 13 years of management experience with MacConnell Research. He returned as pre-recruit manager after 3 years with another major marketing research organization.
Suffice it to say, MacConnell Research has a wealth of experience to offer our clients.  In the real estate field, it’s “location, location, location” that matters.  Our belief is that what matters in our industry and our firm is “service, service, service.”
Our motto is “Field Work at Its Best.”  We wonder what happened to the adage, “The customer is always right!”  Our job is to give you, our client, what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.  Our objective is to serve you.

Our Services


Mall Interviewing

Our flagship mall, located in the heart of Atlanta, just off Peachtree Road, is Lenox Square Mall.  Lenox Square Mall has recently undergone a “Mall Make-over” and added more stores such as the new two level Nike Store, and Top Shop and more restaurants including Sprinkles Cupcakes and Cheesecake Factory.
Our new facility allows us to accommodate you in many different ways. We have 2 viewing rooms for client visits, one viewing room is 12 feet 3 inches by 17 feet 5 inches and views into a display room where we can accomodate up to a 24 foot shelf. The other viewing room is 10 feet 8 inches by 17 feet and views into our Retail Lab.
You can also view into our kitchen and one-on-one room by close circuit television.
Our facility also includes 12 booths for self-administered interviewing or tastes tests.
It is estimated that in a day there are 2,100 people employed at the mall and 2,200 shoppers. Lenox Square is a destination mall, which means one out of three people come there intentionally, usually to spend the day, not just shop.
This area of Atlanta is also one of the most desirable demographically for our clients.


Retail Store

The MacConnell Research Retail Store is a full service retail mall center located in Atlanta, GA.
This lab can be used for both pre-recruit and mall interviewing.
The lab is 42 feet and 7 inches by 25 feet and 5 inches.
It can be configured to your needs.

  • Client viewing room is 10 feet and 8 inches by 17 feet for comfortable client viewing
  • Up to 5 aisles, all customizable, gondola shelving up to 28 ft
  • End caps, frozen food section, 4 foot rollable candy display as in a grocery store counter



One of the major complaints we hear about our competitors is “low show rates.”  We have a staff of experienced recruiters and a large data base of potential respondents. We have been in Atlanta for over 30 years and we are now in the heart of it. Not only is our new facility more accesible, it is bustling with new respondents daily. We can provide our clients good show rates.  Just ask our present clients how we stack up against our competition.